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Hours of Operation:

Monday - Friday: 10a - 7p ET

Saturday: 11a - 3p ET

Sunday: By Appointment


The design pricing below is an outline for our most popular and most minimal designs offered by StilettoSwap. When considering your design, these prices are the base price quote for the minimalist design available for that specific design. The intricacy of your desired design, materials and labor will increase the cost of the design.  If you are interested in a specific design or a more elaborate design (including additional colors, use of multiple materials, or a design you've come up with) please contact us or email us.


  • Seam design - Custom seam down the center back of the shoe:  $45 and Up

  • Full Seam Outline - Custom seam around the entire shoe:  $55 and Up

  • Alien - Scattered pattern of studding on one section of the shoe: $80 (1 color/2 sizes)

  • Exotic Bird - A crystal and feather custom embellishment design: $125 and up (1 color crystal)

  • Converse Toe - A custome embellishment on the toe (only) of the converse: $55 and up (Men's size 6 and Above add $10 and up)

  • Sneaker One Sided Design - Custom design added to only 1 side of each sneaker foot: $90 & up

  • Sneaker Double sided Design - Custom design on the entire sneaker: $145 & Up

  • Stud Designs - Simple studded designs: $65 & up - (1 size & 1 color) additional $15 Per size or color

  • Feathers - Designs using only feathers: $75 & up (1 style/color) additional style/color $15 & up

  • Rhinestone (crystal) Designs - Designs using only crystals: $85 & up (lowest pricing for simplest crystal embellishment)

  • Kids: $45 & up (*must be children's size shoes / sneakers, designs available in this category are suitable only for children*)

  • Men's - Designs include choice of studding, spikes, custom paint or your own creative design: $95 & up


Please feel free to contact us with any questions regarding the above pricing, descriptions or to obtain a price on a particular design you may be interested in. We'd love to have you "Step and Be Seen".


Shoe Kisses!


All prices are subject to materials used and are subject to change at any time.

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