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All custom designs are created by hand.  Please be advised that there may be slight variations between each shoe but we will always take the utmost care in the creation of all designs. All orders require a minimum of a 50% deposit at time of order. Acceptable forms of payment are cash, credit cards and PayPal. The full outstanding balance is due once your order is complete. No shoes will be returned to a client unless FULL payment (balance)  is received and StilettoSwap LLC has the right to refuse the return of shoes to any clients for non-payment. The option to pay in full at the time of ordering is also available. Any shoes not picked up or scheduled for delivery within 14 (consecutive) days of completion are subject to $5 per day storage fee beginning on day 15. Turnaround time for all shoes is approximately 3 weeks from the date we receive your shoes. Please note, the turnaround time is an estimate and can take a shorter or longer period of time depending on your desired design, supply availability, orders ahead, shipping delays and other factors. Please take this into consideration when placing your order, especially for special occassions.



Any changes (color, materials, design, layout, etc.) to an order MUST be requested by phone (646-489-4476) by 5pm ET the day following confirmation of the order. Any changes received after the 5pm ET deadline or changes requested other than by phone will not be granted.


Color, size and style availability are based on the suppliers inventory and are subject to change & unavailability. In the event that a specific color, size or style is not available, we will contact you and offer other alternatives. If you are not happy or satisfied with the replacement / alternative options we will offer the option to explore a new design or refund your deposit in the form in which you paid (no other form of refund will be granted other than the form used during the time of deposit / payment. The refund will only be refunded to the same name & person the payment was received from. If you used a credit / debit card for your deposit the refund will only be issued on the same card on file used for the deposit for the current order being refunded. We do not allow refunds to be used as credit towards future designs).


All orders are custom designed by hand. Please be sure, while we take great care and pride in our work, please allow for slight differences in design between both feet as all designs are hand crafted. ALL StilettoSwap designs are NON-EXCHANGABLE and NON-REFUNDABLE. Please take all the time you need to consult with us to ensure you pick the  best design and color for your shoes. We value our clients and will do our best to ensure that all clients are extremely happy and satisfied with their custom embellishment.



$17 within the United States via USPS (includes tracking). For international orders, please contact us directly to discuss pricing. Please note that shipping prices are subject to change.




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