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As a child growing up in NYC, Saeedah was exposed to fashion at a young age. Weekends as a child were filled with trips with her father, Mr. A, to high end shoe stores where she followed in his footsteps and became an avid lover of Patent Leather Shoes. Patent Leather in the 1980's were a symbol of class and good taste for fashion. Soon after, as a teen, she developed a taste for staying hip and fresh and became an avid lover of the all white high-top Reebok Classics. But of course, she also had a pair in black Patent Leather and matching Black Patent Leather Coat. 


As an adult, her love of shoes can be described in a range from the unique to the conservative. However, over the years she has grown to love Pointy Toe Flats & High Heels. The more unique the better. Her taste is not defined and she lives by her own motto, "If I like it, I wear it".  Her belief is that you should wear what YOU love regardless of what others may think, but you must do it with taste. Shoes should make your outfit and compliment it all at once.


These days Saeedah almost has more shoes then she does living space in her apartment and she continues to collect. Shoes are not only a necessity for her but a passion, a love & an addiction. One day after reviewing her own personal inventory, Saeedah realized that she was storing several pairs of beautiful shoes that she has never been worn (brand new) and some that she's only worn a few times. It occurred to her that returning the unworn shoes were not an option since most she'd had for months or longer, and there were no options at all for those that had been worn only on a couple of occasions. After inquiring with some personal friends, Saeedah realized she isn't the only shoe lover housing gorgeous unused shoes. So Saeedah developed the idea of swapping, thus, the creation of Stiletto Swap. Shortly after, she expanded her creativity and began embellishing shoes. 


StilettoSwap is the creation of  customized wearble art. For shoe lovers, shoes speak to who they are. They represent a person's character, passions and style. Watch the way a woman walks in her shoes and you'll see who she really is. Confidence is born when a woman steps into the "right" shoe. the one with the right fit, the right heel height, the right look, the perfect shoe that makes her back arch, her hips conture and her walk command attention. StilettoSwap embraces that love, and turns it into customized designs that represent each individual client.  We believe every woman should "step & be seen" and our goal is to make sure that happens!


Shoe kisses! 

Saeedah (Sy) 

Saeedah Abdullah, Founder

"Step and Be Seen"
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